Our installation team looks at every item involved in a project, ensuring that all facets work together effectively.

In addition to the standard role of an installation company, our team can also provide field Stainless Steel Welding & Polishing to modify the equipment should the need arise due to site conditions or changes.

In the many years of installing commercial kitchens, we can probably say we have seen it all. Although, we still welcome new challenges by assisting our customer needs with fabrication errors or building changes.

Our established service customers depend on us for various Stainless Steel Welding & Polishing projects, such as cracked sinks, broken legs and counter modifications.

Our expertise in this field has allowed us to develop a sound client base for customers requiring this type of work, such as:

Riva – Navy Pier | Brinker International | Panda Express (various locations)
Sweet Tomato’s | Red Robin | Papa John’s